Thursday, November 8, 2018

Lesson 4 - Creating Movement

In this project, I’m focusing on creating the appearance of movement on the layout.  By placing my clusters of embellishments and title in a diagonal flow from one side to the other, it guides the eye through the layout.  This ensures that the small details are not overlooked and that the photo commands the focus.  Regardless if you start looking at the top or the bottom of the layout, the flow of the embellishments will lead you to the photo.

This project builds on the previous lessons by taking those techniques to another level.  For example, I’ve again added the fringe for texture, but taken it up a notch, adding two layers of the fringe under a fussy cut scalloped border.  I’ve also fussy cut large floral clusters, including some detailed sprigs on the sides.  Can you see how taking those techniques a step further creates a more sophisticated look?

Here is the project:

As you can see, I fussy cut these florals very close to their edges, but the sprigs I left a little border around the narrowest parts.  This allows the sprigs to have some structure and keeps them from falling apart.  This small cluster here on the top right is very simple compared to the one at the bottom.  I wanted to add detail here, but not draw too much attention away from the title and journaling.

By using three different sizes and styles of words in my title, it gives a more interesting look, that draws your eye from the top to the bottom of the layout.  I’ve kept my journaling short and to the point because it’s displayed on top of the layout.  I prefer to put longer journaling into a hidden area, like on a tag tucked behind a photo.

Just as before, the small sequins are sprinkled all over the page to give that finishing detail that makes the layout feel polished.

Here is the layout in action:

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