Thursday, November 8, 2018

Lesson 5 - Pocket Pages

This project introduces pocket pages, another style of scrapbooking that allows you to include a lot of photos!  In this page, I show you how to tell a story, using the order you put your photos in the pockets. This is a great option for larger events, like holidays or birthdays.  Be sure to leave some space for journaling as well!

The key with pocket pages is to limit 3D embellishments (like chipboard) to the 4×6 pockets and keep your 3x4s flat, so they will fit in the pockets easier.  The 4×6 pockets tend to be allow more space, while 3×4 pockets tend to be snug.

Here’s the project:

The fringe in this kit was quite flat, but added a fun texture to the page, so I layered it onto the title card and then used both the large and small alphabets for the title.  By keeping this card simple, your attention is immediately drawn to the bright and colorful photos.

I cut this tag from a scrap and layered flat ephemera pieces around it for a decorative insert, that also has the month and year.  Adding these decorative journaling cards keeps these pages fun and interesting to make as well as quick!

I had a lot of journaling to do on this page, so I paired a 3×4″ photo with a journaling card in a 4×6″ spot.  This is a great way to break up the heavy text on that card, by surrounding it with photos.

Here is the layout in action:

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