Thursday, November 8, 2018

Lesson 3 - Adding Texture & Dimension

In this project, I’m encouraging you to add in texture and create the appearance of dimension on your layout.  We will bring in new products (crepe paper or fringe) and introduce new techniques, the “rule of three” and fussy cutting.

The “rule of three” refers to the idea that odd numbers are more interesting to our brains and draw our attention more than even numbers.  So, as it applies to scrapbooking, creating three areas of interest on your layout will appeal to your own mind as well as others’.  In this layout, I’ve created three embellishment clusters in different areas of the page to draw your eye to all of the details, instead of just one.

Fussy cutting refers to the detail work of cutting out small, detailed things, like the scallop at the bottom of the cardstock.  This technique is usually done with smaller scissors that allow you better access to the nooks and crannies of the piece you’re cutting.

Here is our project:

In this embellishment cluster, I’ve even stuck to the “rule of three” by adding three larger embellishments to the cluster.  Don’t forget to add those tiny details like sequins to give the layout a finished, polished look!

In order to add the appearance of depth, layer embellishments and papers on top of each other. The more layers, the greater perception of depth that you’ve created.  Similarly, adding thicker pieces like chipboard, acrylics, and wood veneer can have this same effect.

Playing with textures is my favorite part of scrapbooking!  In this layout, I’ve introduced crepe paper.  While this is still a type of paper, the fringed look gives it an interesting look and feel.  Texture refers to the impression on a surface.  My desk top has a smooth texture, while my dog has a fluffy texture.  Adding items that have different textures can make a simple layout much more interesting!

Here’s the layout in action:

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